What Every Freshman Should Know…


What is Band Camp?

Coming to Band Camp 2 weeks before school starts seems daunting and terrible because your summer has just slipped out of your hands. But, it is one of the most essential days of our program. You get to meet other new members who are just as nervous as you, but you also get to meet returning members who are ready to greet you with open arms and helping hands.

I have so much pep band music! How do I survive reading 10's of 100's of pages of music?!

If you buy yourself a lyre and flip folder, you've got yourself a band bible. Nobody's expecting you to memorize because you have all 4 years of high school to play our Alma Mater and Fight Song!

What do I bring to Band Camp?

You will ALWAYS need sunscreen, a water jug full of iced water, hat, music in a folder, and a huge smile stamped on your face! Never leave home without these!

What instrument should I play?

If you're coming in from middle school, you can continue to play your instrument or take  on a new instrument. If you're a woodwind, take on a low brass instrument. Experimentation is the key to progression!