To make band happen, parent volunteers are needed.

If you’re a Band parent, sign up… it’s fun!

It’s true that band is a wonderful experience for the students. It’s also true that there’s a lot of work required to support it! That’s why we need you as a volunteer. And, yes, you really will have fun when you volunteer and get to know other parents and band students!


These volunteers help members of the band, pit and drum line get equipment and heavier instruments to the field for the halftime shows at football games and competitions. For away games and competitions, they help load the truck and drive it to and from the game or competition, and unload it following the event.


Videographers are needed to capture student performances at games, competitions, and at practice. McGill uses the videos for training, so by shooting video you are directly helping the band to improve! A video capable camera, a tripod and a vantage point high in the stands is needed. If you have a skills in videography and production, we could certainly use your help.