Drum Line

The Drum Line is the percussion section of the band. This group has instructors who hold additional rehearsal times outside of class; students are expected to attend these rehearsals as they are vital to our program.

As a transition from Marching Band, our Drum Line turns into the Winter Drum Line.

Winter Drum Line is a competitive show that includes an indoor performance in school gymnasiums. The Drum Line consists of the battery (snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, and cymbals) and the pit (keyboards, guitars, marimbas, chimes, and all other assorted percussion instruments). The battery marches within the basketball court lines, while the pit is stationary.


Clinics are held in the late spring.  Attendance is strongly encouraged; clinics are necessary to ensure that all students are using a similar technique and can begin learning the music for the upcoming season.

Marina performs in the American Drum Line Association (ADLA) circuit.  americandrumline.org