Concert Band


Following the end of marching season, the group shifts into Concert Band. Many students switch from their marching instrument to other instruments which don’t “enjoy” marching as well (such as double reeds, bass clarinets, and french horns are primarily indoor instruments).


Many genres of music are learned during the second semester, some more challenging than others.  In March, competing in a Southern California School Band and Orchestra (SCSBOA) Festival, with a sight reading section, is always met with students being well prepared to excel in both – playing serious literature as well as being able to sight read a piece of music for a judge.

Typically we have a concert in December, March, and June for our families and friends to enjoy. Providing musical interludes throughout the Golden Shields Awards Ceremony (think: Oscars/Grammys for high achieving students) is a long standing Viking tradition and is celebrated in the spring. The Concert Band also plays at graduation on the last day of school.

The Viking Band welcomes all who are interested in performing on a wind or percussion instrument. Practice outside of class time is necessary to be prepared for school rehearsals; the band room is often open late after school, so students can utilize the room for practicing.