Athletic Clearance

Go to and FULLY complete the online registration.

  1. Choose school year 2018/19 **Very important that the correct year is chosen**

  2. Choose Marina (CIF/SS)

  3. Choose the sport/activity your child will currently participate in

  4. Fill out all information

  5. Read all forms – online signatures on all forms are required by parent/guardian and athlete

  6. When you are done you will get a message that you have successfully completed the registration. Read the consent page, choose additional sports your child will play**, then print and sign. Your son/daughter will need to bring the signed hard copy of this consent form to the ASB office when they come to take care of any financial contributions for ASB, transportation and athletics/ trainer. This same message will also be sent to your email as a reminder.

  7. **If your child participates in more than one sport/activity you select the additional sports after completing registration. If you are not sure this process can be repeated at a later date. Please DO NOT click multiple sports unless you are fairly certain they will participate**

  8. The clearance process also includes having a physical on file and completing the ImPACT concussion testing (only Color Guard will have ImPACT concussion testing without a $30 trainer fee). Once your athlete is fully cleared to participate in their sport/activity you will get a confirmation email and both the coach and athletic trainer will get a copy of the emergency card.*All athletes must have a new physical on file to start each new school year*

Please refer to the 3rd and 4th page of the packet below.

Clearance Packet 2018-2019

In order to successfully complete the clearance process, students will need to have their online information completed with the printed confirmation page and the physical from their doctor.